Since photo shoots, castings, travel notices, and fashion shows are all associated with physical locations, Space-4-Shoots has teamed up with to promote the free Vibe mobile app in the photography/fashion industry. Vibe puts "thoughts on a map" and so can be used to:

  • Post a profile/listing as a model, photographer, makeup artist, casting director, or agent.
  • Post castings
  • Post travel notices
  • Post events (workshops, fashion shows, parties).

We've made it easy to do all that starting with this page.

1. View this page from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch (and not from your computer) and the links will automatically work with Vibe.

2. Make sure you have the latest version of Vibe by tapping here to download or update it from the App Store.

3. Once it's downloaded, open Vibe and say "Ok" when it asks for location permission (needed if you want to post on Vibe).

4. Before adding your profile, let's take a look at an example one.

5. You'll now be adding a profile on Vibe. The following links will launch Vibe. Note that there'll be a "Space4Shoots" in the Vibe tab bar that you can use to come back to this page.

6. Tap on the one of the links below that applies to you. Each will start a new post on Vibe with pre-populated text including relevant # tags.

7. Replace the "…"s with your text, delete what doesn't apply, and tap Submit.

8. You can add a photo at the same time or afterwards as a reply to your own post.

Individual Listing (an example)

| Actor (female) | Actor (male) | Dancer | Designer | Makeup Artist | Model (female) | Model (male) | Photographer | Stylist (wardrobe) | Stylist (hair) | Other |

Business Listing (an example):

| Photo Studio |

Work Listing (an example):

| Casting | Other |