Vibe introduces @@, a “direct reply” feature for private messaging

You can now send a direct (i.e. private) reply to another Vibe user allowing you to continue a conversation on a one-on-one basis. To send a direct reply to someone, note their sequence number in the conversation (0 for original poster, 1 for first respondent, 2 for second, etc.), then start your reply with @@ (double at) followed by that user's sequence number. For example, to reply privately to the original poster, start your reply with @@0 and to reply privately to the 5th respondent, start your reply with @@5. Two rules to keep in mind:
  1. You must already be part of a conversation (have replied to it publicly) before you can send a direct/private reply to someone in it.
  2. The @@ symbols must be at the beginning of your reply for it to be a direct/private reply, otherwise it'll be public.
Note for Android users: Vibe for Android doesn't yet display participant sequence numbers, so other than @@0 (which always goes to the person who started the thread), it won't be clear which participant you are sending a direct reply to. @@ replies are handy to continue a conversation privately, exchange contact info with another user, set up a private communication channel on Vibe via a shared secret ## tag, etc.
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