QuickTxt™ [Available on the App Store for $0.99] Have you wished there was a quick way to fire off a SMS/text reply such as “in meeting, will reply later” or “am driving, can’t text now”, or “Running a few minutes late, see you soon”? QuickTxt is a handy way to send canned text messages/replies without typing.  QuickTxt displays a list of saved replies. copies the one you tap on to the clipboard, and then launches your iPhone's Messages/SMS app for you to paste the text into your message. So just tap on any of the pre-saved text replies (you can add your own) and paste it into your text message: 1. Tap on any of the pre-defined text replies in QuickTxt. 2. QuickTxt copies that line to the clipboard and launches your iPhone's Messages app. 3. Select the person and "paste" the contents of the clipboard into your message. 4. That's it!
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