List of launchable apps

This is a list of iPhone/Touch applications that can be launched programmatically from AppLauncher:

List of Applications
App Name Launch Name Notes
Air Hockey airhockey next version
AppLauncher applauncher 1.0
City Guide cityguide
Crosswords crosswordpuzzle next version
Cube Runner cr2 next version
Facebook fb
Google Earth kml
GoThere gothere next version
HypnoPac hypnopac next version
iMacworld imacworld 1.0
iTunes itms
Mail mailto
Maps maps
Medical Calculator medcalc next version
Messages sms
MyStreets mystreets 1.1
Pandora pandora
Path Tracker pathtracker next version
Pownce pownce
QuickTxt quicktxt
RaverD'Lite raversdlite next version
Safari http include URL
Skype skype
Sportacular sportacular next version
tvGuide tvguide next version
nzWeather nzweather next version
Yelp yelp
YouTube youtube
Developers: If your app supports the custom URL scheme but isn't listed here, please let us know (via either a comment or our support email) and we'll add it.
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